Views of Self Esteem


I have heard so many seemingly different ways to raise
children that are suppose to help produce children with
high self esteem. What is your perspective and what do
you think is most effective?


There are two basic camps in our culture today.
The humanistic view:
Babies are born innately good and must learn evil
Society and its social institutions are responsible
for man's evil acts
High self esteem, mental health, and the ability to
love others can be achieved by everyone who first
learns to love himself and get in touch with his
real "good self."
The Biblical View:
Babies are born with a sin nature and must learn
to be good
Man must take individual responsibility for wrong
behavior and comit to change
Man must learn to love God, others, and do good
then self-respect, high self esteem and a sense of
fulfillment will result.
The Bible is a very consistent about the idea that in
order for man to be decent, caring, and productive
individuals, we must seek an Authority higher than
ourselves, and follow His ways. Psalms 128: 1-2:
"Praiseworthy is one who fears the Lord, who walks in
His ways. When you eat the labor of your hands, you
are praiseworthy and it is well with you." Simply stated,
if we as parents strive to train our children to love God,
put others first, and work hard, then they will be more
equipped to handle the trials that life will inevitably
bring their way, and will be able to receive more of the
blessings that God has intended for them.

Answered by: Dr. Robert Rice