Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority


How can I overcome my feelings of inferiority?


At times, all of us experience feeling second rate
compared to others. It is a complex problem, never
totally solved. God wants us to see ourselves as He
created us, unique individuals, not better or worse than
anyone else. He never intended for us to compare
ourselves unfavorably to others.
Society has taught us that nice guys finish second and
second means the same as last; therefore we failed.
Competition, from this perspective, forces us to prove to
ourselves and others, that we are better than our fellow
man. We feel the need to conquer all rivals. You can
clearly see that inferiority feelings are present
everywhere in the emotional struggles of everyday life.
What makes anyone important? Could it be a high
paying job, good looks, personal possessions, good
behavior? These are temporary fixes. None of them
measure true personal worth. There is nothing you can
do to exalt your significance. In other words, find your
worth in God's love for you. The staff at the Rice - Lewis
Clinic are dedicated to handling these and other
complicated problems.

Answered by: Dr. Robert Rice