Learning to Trust


How can I help a Christian friend trust people? This
friend knows he should trust people more and wants to
have better relationships but can't actually enter into


A good start is to develop very slowly the relationship
you and your friend already have. Let him see over time
you are trustworthy. For some unknown reason, lack of
trust is part of your friend's nature and controls his
emotions and mental attitudes. There is no quick way to
help someone allow others into hislher life. Be patient
and gradually become more involved in his/her life and
prove you are a loyal friend.
One suggestion might be to request hisjher advice. This
shows them your trust with your personal matters. Their
trust in you will slowly build if they see predictable
behaviors exhibited by you. By reaching out, your friend
will begin to reach back.
Lack of trust in other people could reveal a greater lack
of trust in God. The reluctance to trust others should be
helped by confidence in God to be true even when
people fail him. Your friend could require professional
help from a Christian counselor. Carefully suggest this
idea. Volunteer to go with them or provide them with
choices of counselors. Always be sensitive to his feeling
and never be judgmental. Remember to never accept
responsibility for their lack of trust in people but
certainly do all you can to help them.

Answered by: Dr. Robert Rice