Stress Management


I'm so stressed out these days and feeling so
discouraged! Do you have any practical tips on how to
manage stress.


Yes, listed below are ten tips on how to manage stress
in your life and 10 tips on how to boost your ego.
Tips on managing stress
1. Set mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual
boundaries for your life.
2. Learn to manage your time effectively.
3. Learn to say "No" when your schedule is full.
4. Learn effective ways of communicating and
resolving conflicts with people.
5. Take time off from your regular schedule to go on
vacation or take short weekend breaks.
6. Establish an exercise program that includes
aerobics and progressive relaxation techniques to
reduce levels of tension and stress.
7. Get adequate rest and plenty of sleep.
8. Establish healthy eating habits.
9. Listen to well written music that calms anxiety and
soothes tension.
10. Strive for a healthy, realistic, biblical outlook on
Tips on boosting your ego
1. Take care of yourself.
2. Don't try to fix family or friends.
3. Get involved with things that used to make you
4. Avoid self-medication and substance abuse.
5. Be flexible.
6. Accept that you can't control everything.
7. Plan for stress.
8. Leave time for breaks and limit work.
9. Turn off that "inner critic" voice that always says,
"you should."
10. Maintain a sense of humor.

Answered by: Doug Damron, L.P.C.