Depression and Anxiety


How can the Bible's teaching help me overcome my
depressive thoughts and other destructive emotions?


Developing a daily routine of following biblical guidelines
improves our sense of self-worth and generally lifts our
mental and spiritual health. Most often, those who have
emotional problems will struggle spiritually. Trying to
become more like Christ includes recognizing emotional
conflicts as signals from God that we need to take
notice of our behavior. For example, anger warns us to
slow down, examine what made us mad, and begin to
relieve our hostilities.
Holding in anger and bitterness solves nothing. While
that bitterness is churning away, it disrupts all our
emotions and often does physical damage. Prolonged
bitterness leads to chronic, clinical depression. On the
other hand, if the bitter person had adhered to
Ephesians 4:26-32, the anger would have been put
away before it became bitterness. Frequently the key to
overcoming depression is forgiveness.
Scripture reminds us that this life is only the beginning
and not the end. Meditating on verses of
encouragement can make us take a positive look at our
problems and find solutions. I f our lives on earth were
all we had to look forward to, might not all of us be
more anxious and depressed? The staff at the Rice -
Lewis Clinic is willing to help you overcome depressive
thoughts and emotions.

Answered by: Robert Rice, M.D.