Violence = Genetics


Considering the tragedy in Colorado, what does your
clinic think could possibly cause teenagers to result to
such violence and what can we do?


Just as a single raindrop does not cause a flood, neither
does any one problem result in such behavior. We are
complex creatures made up primarily by genetics,
environmental and personal choice. As an example a
person may have the genetic predisposition for
alcoholism but he must still choose to go to the bar and
order a drink.
Our nation has become a child-centered society where
the child's self esteem is more important than selfcontrol.
As adults we must prioritize. If we help children
develop self-control and steer them to positive goals
they will develop a healthy self esteem.
Parents don't have to be perfect but they do have to be
involved in every aspect of their children's life, allowing
children to EARN privileges whey they have
demonstrated the responsibility.
Our media has role modeled unsafe levels of violence
and immoral behavior that makes it difficult to avoid
exposure. Our schools can provide more security by
tightening up on dress codes and demanding respectful
behavior. The easy availability of weapons to young
people must be addressed.
Finally, the facts are, people who look to God and the
Bible as their ultimate authority do not participate in
such senseless, evil acts of violence. A skilled therapist
with a Godly value system can help identify and treat
children and families who may be concerned with such
issues. We are dedicated to help.