Raising a Delinquint


How do you raise your child to become a juvenile


First, give your child anything he wants. Don't allow
her/him to hear the words "no" or "that's wrong". Do
everything for him/her so they learn to put all the
responsibility on others. Be careful not to monitor what
they read or watch on T.V. Never clutter hislher mind
with spiritual training. Give them all the spending money
they want so that they won't be too stressed earning
their own way. Defend them at all costs especially with
neighbors, teachers, and police officers because they're
prejudice against your child. Then ..... be prepared for a
lifetime of sorrow because you will likely have it.
We really don't want this to happen to anyone, but we
do want to help those overwhelmed with the challenge
of parenting.

If you're having a problem raising your
children and need some help, call The Rice Clinic.

Answered by: Doug Damron, L PC .