Divorce Recovery


"How will I be able to survive my divorce?"
The 32 year old woman in my office was in tears and
still emotionally distraught over her husband walking
out 6 months ago after 11 years of marriage. She was
guilt-ridden, confused, and depressed. At one point she
exclaimed, "My life will never be the same again". Can
you or someone you know identify with this woman?
It's true that one's life won't be the same following a
divorce, but that doesn't mean that their life is over.
People going through a divorce can actually grow
through the experience if they allow themselves proper
support and time.
When recovering from a divorce it is important not to
isolate from others, but place yourself around
supportive people who are willing to hear and share
what you are going through. But beware of those that
encourage you to get out and "party" your pain away or
counsel that "all you need is someone else in your life,"
because you need time to deal honestly with your loss.
You need to allow time for reflection, meditation,
reading and setting personal goals.
You can learn to put the past behind and begin to live in
the present. It is also important to begin committing
your to God for he has interest and care for you.
There are times however, that people get bogged down
in the process of recovery and they need professional
counseling. I f that is the case take advantage of the
support and the counsel because it does help!

Answered by: Doug Damron, L.P.C.; and Joan Hemingway, M.S.W.